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May 29 - June 2, 2024 

Wed. - Sat. 7:30 pm    Sat. and Sun. 2 pm

Gene Frankel Theatre 24 Bond St. NYC 10012 

PRO-LOVE is a bold new play, set against the back drop of the Roe V Wade reversal, by non-binary theater-maker Prasad Paul Duffy, with original songs by Drew Chadwick of Emblem3 fame. 


Inspired by true events, PRO-LOVE is a politically-charged romance drama between a young female law student from New York City and a young male country singer in Austin Texas, whose idyllic love story is turned up side down when she gets unexpectedly pregnant. Will their love survive in this roller-coaster-ride of a relationship drama that attempts to  shed some light on this divisive issue in a divided nation? 

Meet the Cast            

Toi Howard                                       Gage Morgan                                                 Sean Labbe'



Audience Reviews


“I saw (PRO-LOVE) one of the more compelling pieces about life in the post-Roe V. Wade time last night written and directed by Prasad Paul Duffy. I hadn’t expected to actually question my views, or at least be willing to listen with an open mind to other points of view. I seriously treasure a work of art that finds that sweet spot. I always value having my views rigorously but fairly challenged. It’s what makes my opinions have value to me. See it!”

Jim Nicola - Former Artistic Director New York Theater Workshop, Producer of RENT, HADESTOWN and WHAT THE CONSTITUTION MEANS TO ME.


“Prasad’s commitment to make theater relevant is so courageous. They aren't afraid to risk failure. The courage of their commitment shines through in the polarizing topic they've taken as a challenge. Both sides are right. And both sides are wrong. Prasad’s commitment to tell a traditional  love story is the revolutionary vehicle to prying open a Pandora's Box willfully slammed and nailed shut and then thrown into an ocean of lies and half-truths. Women must be free to choose. But they must choose life. So they must choose love, the thing that makes them vulnerable to abuse and degradation. Prasad’s characters are sketched precisely enough to carry the weight of the message. Prasad’s unstrained and clear voice, committed to humor and balance, accomplishes the mission honorably.”

Michelle Shocked - Grammy nominated singer/songwriter


“PRO-LOVE is a new must-see play. Such an incredibly moving and captivating show that has you hooked from beginning to end. It has all the elements, from writing to music, humor to romance, from pure joy to pain, loss, and sadness, from politics to moral choice, to influence, PRO-LOVE is a show that nearly anyone can relate to in some way or another. It does a fantastic job of vocalizing real issues in society without taking a permanent stance or negating the opposing, all while teaching you something you may have never known before. It allows you to think, to challenge, and connect, to both the characters, the audience, and most importantly, yourself.”

Mesgana Teklu - Actor and political science major.


“PRO-LOVE is ripped from today’s headlines, arguing every side of the issue of “choice” with a remarkable cast starring Toi Howard, Gage Morgan and Sean Labbe.  A special nod to Drew Chadwick for the original songs that illuminate the drama. The play is a riveting and moving teeter-totter between points of view, and with this spot on cast, believable at every compelling “choice.” May the play’s message continue to be heard.”   

Jeff Harnar - Cabaret singer and stage director.


"PRO-LOVE reminds me of the James Baldwin quote 'We can disagree and still love each other unless your disagreement is rooted in my oppression and denial of my humanity and right to exist.' Thank you for showing flawed, but loving human beings with open-hearted nuance, intelligence and empathy. It felt like a balm, especially at this time when we are so manipulated to be divided.  I loved the cast and the music is fantastic! Congratulations on a great run and I hope it goes on to many future productions."

Alyssa Simon - Actor



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